Micro-doc: A Hazaragi Wedding

Hazaragi culture is no where more accentuated than in a traditional wedding. Bringing together every facet of cultural life, from traditional music, clothing, food and ritual. A Hazaragi Weddingtraces the events leading up to and throughout the wedding ceremony. A Hazaragi Wedding is underscored by traditional music, a collage of wedding photos and video, and of course the food, the celebration, mehmanies (public feasts) and dance.

2 thoughts on “Micro-doc: A Hazaragi Wedding”

  1. Thank you very much my dear Qawma for making this short film about Hazaragi weddeing ceremonies. By making these kind of films, you make the flame of the Hazaragi culture alive.

    1. Thanks. Keeping a fading culture, esp. involving women, is responsibility of all of us. Bamiyarra has been a great platform for Hazara artists and youths to learn a lot and continue keeping culture alive. We all can replicate the method to show the world our vibrant culture and customs.

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